I am glad you are here, and I look forward to meeting you. I have a few specializations I want to tell you about, and the following is a brief introduction to the information you will find as you explore this website.

Do you feel like you have a call on your life that is unfulfilled, thwarted~or perhaps you just need encouragement and guidance to make a few adjustments to be on your best track? Do you desire to have a more positive impact, to help more people, to live in a more loving, generous, and courageous way? My passion is helping people heal and thrive, encouraging them to become their true selves~the best version of themselves~and liberating them to become more emotionally available to themselves, their life’s passions, and their loved ones.

I work with highly motivated, creative people, who face daily challenges in this demanding world, but who desire to rise above the emotional and creative blocks that haunt us all, to attain the next level of success. I counsel and coach leaders, managers, pastors, missionaries, producers, health professionals and many more who need help dealing with conflict, past traumas and relational injuries, burn-out, stress-related conditions, spiritual issues, and/or who just want to be in more loving and authentic relationships with themselves, their families, and those they hope to impact for the better. For more about this, please visit my “Invitation to Transformation” page.

My past experience has been in helping victims of sexual abuse, spiritual abuse, and addicts (especially those with process addictions; meaning sex, relationship and fantasy addictions) to move past trauma and into fulfilling lives. Most recently, I have focused on the spiritual aspects of individual and relationship recovery, with special training in EMDR, a therapy especially effective in healing trauma that often manifests as depression, anxiety, addictions, and relationship conflicts. If you find yourself stuck, repeating frustrating patterns from the past, and you want the freedom to create a better life, I can help! For more info and background see “About Laurel.”

In addition to therapy and coaching, I love writing and speaking. My favorite speaking engagements are those where we are interactive and I hear your thoughts and hearts! My first “public book” is currently available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle. Read the reviews, read the book, and let me know what you think! Broken! To Golden: Transform Your Troubles into Treasure! Your Struggles into Joy! is an entertaining and challenging book: an eye-opening and heroic journey out of brokenness, depression, anxiety, hopelessness and addictions—into a healthy lifestyle with a positive self-image and thriving relationships. Visit the "Broken! to Goldenpage for more information about how you can be transformed from brokenness to wholeness! 

The Secret Code to Your Personality: How Cats and Dogs Teach Us to Live and Love, is a humorous, yet very instructive book that guides readers to a healthier personality and more loving lifestyle. Check out “The Secret Code” page to learn more.

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